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– Aydın Street. No. 17 Suadiye- Kadıköy/ İSTANBUL
) Phone Number: (555) 2721153- Home: (216) 4630227


Master Degree Media&Communication Management , Yeditepe University 2018 – 2020 Areas of
Interest: Social media, Media Analysis, Sociology

Bacholer Degree Management and Information Systems, Ankara University 2021- Areas of
Interest: Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Software

Bacholer Degree Sociology, Anadolu University
2019 –
Areas of Interest: Crime Sociology, Social Responsibility, Globalization

Bachelor Degree Visual Communication Management, Yeditepe University 2003 – 2009 Areas of
Interests: Cybercrime, Animation, Digital Marketing, Metaverse, Digital Art The purpose of this
education was to open horizons on cyber universe and cybernetics.
Thesis: Digital Cinema

Bachelor Degree Interior Architecture, Maltepe Üniversitesi
2000 – 2002 Abandonment

High School Dragos High School
2006- 2010


Google 09/2021-
Product Expert
I work for Adsense Community as a Platin Product Expert 09/2018-
Manager/Product Expert
I work for Adsense Turkey as a Product Expert and Manager
Painter/Artist 09/2019-
I work as an artist, painter, and art ambassador. I participate the exhibitions and organizations of art
Freelance 09/2018-
Digital Marketing Specialist Due to my interest in technology, I am constantly improving myself in the field of Digital Marketing. I have new digital web site project. Recently, I have been doing research and training on cyber security in the virtual environment that the pandemic world has thrown us into.

Digital Content Creator 09/2017- I created contents about technological and cybernetic world.
Sosyal Medya Kampüsü 05/2018- 08/2018
Social Media and Digital Marketing Content Writer
I created contents for Sosyal Medya Kampüsü for a short period of time.
Medyatava 01/2010-
I wrote conversation about tradition and culture.
Yenigün Newspaper 09/2019-
I prepared short articles and news about culture and art.
Habertürk Ht Hayat 09/2018-
I wrote news about culture.
Hürriyet Keyif 09/2017- 10/2018
I wrote articles about art and culture.
Portakal Translation 09/2016-
Sworn Translator / Editor
I am a certified translator of Spanish, Italian, English, Portuguese, and Latin documents, I provide control of the documents. In addition, I provide editorial and editorial services.
Cem Translation 09/2016-
Sworn Translator / Editor
I am a certified translator of Spanish, Italian, English, Portuguese, and Latin documents, I provide control of the documents. In addition, I provide editorial and editorial services.
Psikeart Publishing House /Psikesinema 01/2016-10/2019
I ensure that all issues related to cinema are analyzed in depth and written in an academic language.
Milliyet 08/2014-10/2018
In the newspaper I wrote every week, included the reading and analysis of the films.
Mono Magazine 08/2014-10/2018
I wrote cultural articles.
Habertürk 05/2013-10/2016
In the newspaper I wrote every week, included the reading and analysis of the films. 05/2014-10/2015
I evaluated the films that entered the vision.
Sinema Terspektif 02/2015-10/2016

I made it possible to analyze and analyze the films psychologically, philosophically, and historically, and take them from different perspectives.
Hürriyet Aile 10/2011-11/2012
In November 2011, I wrote articles about cinema every week in my column titled “Arzu Film Presents” at
Gökçe Kitabevi/Ankara 05/2011-08/2011
I translated books for children.
Şimşek Translation/Istanbul 01/2011-02/2011
Hacivat Karagöz Neden Öldürüldü? (Spanish Subtitles)
In İstanbul Magazine 01/2009-02/2010
I wrote articles about cinema.
Ekolay 01/2009-02/2010
In addition to the movies that are released every week, I have written experimental articles in the “zoom news” section by melting the popular news of the cinema world in the same pot. And I ended my one-year contract by February 2010.
Arzu Film 05/2009-
Board of Management
Ertem Eğilmez founded Arzu Film in 1964. This company has been called in parallel with its name. It is necessary to consider Arzu film company in two terms. The first period is the period of Ertem Eğilmez. Ertem Eğilmez term is the period from 1964 when the company was founded to 1989. In this period, the company generally produced films for Ertem Eğilmez and Kartal Tibet. This term is the period of creating the company’s legendary movies and becoming a brand. Just as we see Warner Bros production today, if we say that this movie is of good quality, then the Turkish audience was thinking about the same situation
for Arzu Film. Although Arzu Film company experimented in different styles during this period, it produced films embellished with comic elements that may attract the attention of large masses. This situation continued after Ertem Eğilmez’s death.
Birgün Newspaper 03/2009- 11/2009
Cinema writer
I prepared articles about cinema and movies for the newspaper.
D Smart Magazine 05/2009- 07/2009
I prepared the tags and subjects of the films in D Smart.
Cinedergi 09/2008- 02/2009
I have not only translated the parts of the films behind the scenes, which we call “trivia” (unnecessary details) in Imdb, but also rewritten them with my own style.
Güneş Newspaper 11 / 2008- 01/2009 Columnist In my column titled “Arzu Film Presents”, I gave brief information about current films.
Deren Media 07 / 2007- 05/2009 Web editor, press consultant

I was the editor of the website. In addition, I was the press consultant of the company.
Cinemascope Magazine 11 / 2007- 05/2008 Author I was extensive and inspiring articles on cinema.
Yeditepe University 09 / 2005- 01/2005 Film Analysis and Animation Course Assistant In the film analysis course, I assisted the students on how to read the films by assisting our instructor. I had my first lesson experience.
Arzu Film Hababam Sınıfı Merhaba 2004- 01/2005 I realized my first acting experience by acting as a role co-star in Hello My Life Class shot within Arzu Film.


Graduation Project: Yeditepe University 2019-2020
Undergraduate Thesis: Digital Cinema, Yeditepe University 2009
Today, most of the digital movies are decorated with hundreds of visual effects after shooting. Even if it is not decorated with visual effects, at least it goes through the digital color setting. So, the movies are already being carried to the electronic medium. These films, which are carried to the electronic environment, are pressed again to be shown in movie theaters. Meanwhile, it loses quality, gets grainier and eats money. Thanks to the digital projection, the films will be sent from the electronic medium directly to the cinemas with hard disks or special tapes, even over the network, with zero quality loss. This technology, which has been featured by George Lucas, who has become the pioneer of Digital Cinema, has been made by the projection of the movie passing through a lens onto the screen since the invention of the cinema. Apart from that, there is video projection, which is the reflection of electronic signals on a screen with the help of ccd. However, for many years, electronic projection has been done in a low-resolution video quality. Digital projection, by doubling this quality to four or even more, enables us to watch digital images in movie quality. At this point, the language of Digital Cinema comes into play and constitutes the subject of my thesis


The movie industry and distribution: Hollywood cinema pressure on Turkey Evaluation of the relationship between media and impartiality through the fourth force The study examined within the framework of the EU and harmony of thought and freedom of expression in Turkey. Media product market: Supply and demand balance Structural transformation of media: new communication technologies and globalization imperialism Today, violence is marketed through the media and the products become aesthetic by turning into artistic violence. Semiotic psychoanalysis of Mulholland Drive and uncanny movie director David Lynch


Montgomery, M. Lucy. Yeşilin Kızı Anne (Anne la de Tejados Verdes). Dorlion publisher (2019), 1-64. Translator: Arzu Çevikalp
Stevenson, R. Louis. Dr. Jekyll ve Bay Hyde (El Doctor Jekyll Y El Senor Hyde). Dorlion publisher (2018), 1-56. Translator: Arzu Çevikalp
Twain, M. Tom Sawyer (2011). Gökçe publisher, 1-64 Translator: Arzu Çevikalp James, M. Barrie. Peter Pan. Gökçe Yayınevi (2011), 1-80. Translator: Arzu Çevikalp
Twain, M. Huckleberry Finn’in Maceraları (Las Aventuras De Huckleberry Finn). Gökçe Publisher (2011), 1-48. Translator: Arzu Çevikalp Galland, A. Ali Baba ve Kırk Haramiler (Ali Baba y Los Cuarenta Ladrones). Gökçe publisher (2011), 1-72. Translator: Arzu Çevikalp Kindersley, D. Pocahontas. Gökçe publisher (2011), 1-64. Translator: Arzu Çevikalp

Marryat, F. Yeni Ormanın Çocukları (Los Niños Del Bosque Nuevo). Gökçe publisher (2011), 1-72. translator: Arzu Çevikalp Marryat, F. Yeni Ormanın Çocukları (Los Niños Del Bosque Nuevo). Gökçe publisher (2011), 1-72. Translator:ArzuÇevikalp Burnett, F. Hodgson. Küçük Prenses (La Pequena Princesa). Gökçe publisher (2011), 1-72. Translator: Arzu Çevikalp
Kirsten Dunst interview translated from Spanish to Turkish, Sinema Magazine, January 2013, Turkuvaz media. Translator: Arzu Çevikalp


Çevikalp, Arzu. Today’s Marketing of Violence Through Media and Aesthetics of Products by Transforming into Artistic Violence. The Journal of Academic Social Science 102 (22/2020), 505-521.
Çevikalp, Arzu. Semiotic Psychoanalysis of Mulholland Drive and Uncanny Movie Director David Lynch. International Journal of Social Sciences IJSS, 2020, Volume 4, Issue 18, p. 66-82.


Spanish Interview-Funcinema
2018 Cecilia Atán ve Valeria Pivato
Spanish Interview-Funcinema
2018 Paulina García


01-04 April 2021 Burgas-Bulgaria-Pinelo Art Gallery
06-13 April 2021 Gallery Next
15-21 April 2021 Gallery Next
22-30 April 2021 Luna Art Gallery
18-24 May 2021 Gallery Next
26-6 May 2021 Karl&Ein
May 31 – June 9, 2021, Galerie D’art La Visione
May 31 – June 7, 2021, Luna Art Gallery
28 June-30 June 2021 Bodrum Match Art Gallery
30 August-12 September 2021 Cap Gallery
30 August-7 September Sb Art Gallery
Hababam Class Interview, Türkan Saylan Cultural Center 12/2013
86. Oscar Evaluation Interview, Cevap TV 02/2014
Conversation Class, Malatya Park AVM 11/2013
Kanal D Main News, The Chaos Class Interview, Adile Sultan Pavilion 11/2013
Sekans Cinema Group Film Criticism Competition / Selection Committee, Ankara 02/2016
Mannheim Turkish Film Festival / Jury 10/2017
International Online Film Critics’ Poll / Selection Committee 10/2015


The Chaos Class Exhibition Plaque, Adana Golden Boll 2013
University scholarship, Media, and Communication MA, Yeditepe 2011
Ertem Eğilmez Award, Frankfurt Film Festival 2017
Challenge Class Best Film Award, Cinema Magazine 2011
Spanish Certificate of Achievement, Yeditepe University 2004-2006


Scenario Techniques Sender 2008
Desktop Publishing, I Informatics Education 2007
How to Read a Movie Orange Tree 2005
Theater Yonca Evcimik Education Center 2006
Front of the Camera Acting Certificate Digital Film Academy 2008
Language and Culture Diploma for Foreigners University of Alcala 2012
Spanish Proficiency Certificate European Languages 2006
Education and Student Coach Fatih University 2015
Spanish Document Yeditepe University 2008
Spanish Teaching Formation Euroinnova 2017
Digital Media (SEO & SEM) Bilge Adam Academy 2018
Brand and Brand Strategies Yalova University 2018
Customer Relations and Marketing Bilgi University 2018
The Basics of Digital Marketing Google Digital Workshop 2018
YouTube Certified Google YouTube 2018
Adwords Video Advertising Google 2018
Adwords Mobile Advertising Google 2016
Adwords Search Advertising Google 2018
Adwords Display Google 2018
Adwords Analytics Google 2018
Adwords Mobile Sites Hubspot Academy 2018
Inbound Marketing Specialist Hubspot Academy 2018
Inbound Certified Google 2018
Blueprint– Brand Marketing, Reports and Statistics Facebook 2018
Customer Relationship Management CRM Istanbul Business Institute 2018
Social Media Expertise Istanbul Business Institute 2018
Sales and Marketing Techniques Istanbul Business Institute 2018
Consumer Behavior Istanbul Business Institute 2018
Postmodern Leadership Istanbul Business Institute 2018
Collection Skills Istanbul Institute of Business 2018
Persuasion Techniques Istanbul Business Institute 2019
Public Relations and Communication Istanbul Business Institute 2019
Training of Trainers Istanbul Institute of Business 2019
Digital Marketing Expertise Istanbul Business Institute 2018
Online Advertising Bilgeiş 2018
Brochure Design with InDesign Bilgeiş 2018
Correct Marketing Communication Bilgeiş 2018
Leadership Bilgeiş 2018
Take Your Business to the Internet Bilgeiş 2018
Preparing a Website Using WordPress Bilgeiş 2018
Facebook & Instagram Advertising Udemy 2018
Test Your Startup Idea Udemy 2018
Portuguese (Level B2) C + (79%) Mc Graw Hill 2018
Italian (Level B2) C + (76%) Mc Graw Hill 2018
Learn French Udemy 2019
French For Beginners: Level 1 Udemy 2019
Basic Photography Istanbul Business Institute 2020
Curso de Língua Portuguesa-Grammática Udemy 2020
İtalian Course for İntermediate Udemy 2020
German A1 Istanbul Business Institute 2020
French (Level B1) Mc Graw Hill 2020
French (Level B2) Mc Graw Hill 2020
Business French Mc Graw Hill 2020
Concentration Education Istanbul Business Institute 2020
Time Management Istanbul Business Institute 2020

Basics of Spoken Finnish Udemy 2020
Pronounce Finnish like a Boss Udemy 2020
Learn the basics of Norwegian Udemy 2020
Norwegian Language Course A1 Udemy 2020
Strong Brand Building Strategies Istanbul Business Institute 2020 Churn and Customer Retention Management Istanbul Business Institute 2020
Sales Coaching İstanbul İşletme Enstitüsü 2020
Sales Management İstanbul İşletme Enstitüsü 2020
Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook: very good
Adobe Photoshop: Good
Adobe Illustrator: Very Good
Adobe After Effects: Very Good
Adobe Premiere: Medium
Subtitle Workshop: Good
Smartcat: Medium
Trados: Medium
Matecat: Medium


English Reading: Excellent, Writing: Excellent, Speaking: Good
French Reading: Intermediate, Writing: Advanced, Speaking: Intermediate
Spanish Reading: Excellent, Writing: Excellent, Speaking: Excellent
Portuguese Reading: Excellent, Writing: Excellent, Speaking: Good
Italian Reading: Excellent, Writing: Excellent, Speaking: Good
German Reading: Beginning, Writing: Beginning, Speaking: Beginning
Latin Reading: Intermediate, Writing: Intermediate, Speaking: Beginner
Finnish Reading: Beginning, Writing: Beginning, Speaking: Beginning
Norwegian Reading: Beginning, Writing: Beginning, Speaking: Beginning


Learning languages, Writing, Pilates, Dancing, Photography
ASSOCIATION AND CLUB MEMBERS Yeditepe Alumni Association Membership, Photography Association Membership (IFSAK), Translation Association (Association of Translation), Fenerbahçe Sports Club, Fedeora (Film Critics of Europe and the Mediterranean), Tema Foundation (Volunteer member), CHP Party member and volunteer, Purple Roof Foundation (Volunteer member), Make a Wish


Özgür Akın YKY (Yapı Kredi Publications) Sales Marketing (533) 556 86 89
Rıza Kıraç Altınbaş University Instructor (212) 604 01 00
Sayım Çınar Bavul Ajans Author Agency & PR (532) 206 90 07
Barış Özkul Communication Publications and Savings Editor (507) 581 83 14


Gender : Female
Date of Birth : 11/06/1982
Marital Status : Single
Nationality : T.C.
Driver’s License : B (2002)

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